Code of Conduct

This event is designed so that each team will engage in a highly collaborative effort.  The goal of the event, to analyze the coverage and equitable access to community solar facilities for different demographic communities in New Jersey and to propose new solar development sites to expand access to the New Jersey Community Solar Program, requires that everyone work collaboratively and communicate with one another in an open professional and ethical manner.

Participants must conduct themselves professionally and with decency and respect toward one another. Because each person might contribute their own unique contributions and solutions to this problem, disagreements are expected. Differences of opinion should be acknowledged and reacted to in a constructive way that encourages the exchange of ideas and effective teamwork, as well as recognizing areas of agreement and divergence and attempting to bridge gaps.

Any form of discrimination or harassment is forbidden. This includes judging a person’s or a team’s contributions based on their identification or personal traits, such as race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, handicap, or any other criteria protected by federal or state laws. Hackathon team reserves the right to take immediate action in response to anyone violating this prohibition, up to and including terminating the person and/or their team’s participation in the event.

Solar Power Platform Hackathon is a collaboration between Microsoft and Seton Hall University to drive an innovation mindset for students in AI & Data across multiple universities globally, giving them the opportunity to explore real-world problem areas.

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